Art House Convergence encourages cinema exhibitors in all stages of their career to get involved with planning our annual conference, regional seminars, and other programs.

Conference Volunteer

Art House Convergence volunteers support conference operations and programming.

Volunteers assist with conference registration, support large events and keynotes, and emcee educational sessions. Each of the conference’s 40+ education sessions is hosted by a volunteer who greets attendees, introduces the panelists, and prepares  PowerPoint presentations. Whenever possible we will schedule volunteers as hosts for sessions on a track (Alliance for Action, development, education, Film Festival Alliance, marketing, programming, and operations) that they are interested in attending.

Volunteers receive conference registration in exchange for their service.

The deadline for 2020 applications has passed.

Conference Tech Volunteer

Tech volunteers report to the conference tech director and work as A/V technicians throughout the annual conference, staffing daytime, evening, and late-night events. They manage A/V for panels, workshops, presentations, keynote addresses, film screenings, sponsor presentations, and karaoke and make sure that the conference runs smoothly.

Tech assistants receive complimentary conference registration in exchange for their work.

The deadline for 2020 applications has passed.

Art House Theater Day

The application window for 2019 AHTD programmers has closed. 

Art House Theater Day programmers play a leading role in shaping the vision for Art House Theater Day, an annual international day of coordinated programming that celebrates the role that art houses play in their communities. Programmers are selected biannually by committee.

Annual Conference Co-Chairs

The application window for conference co-chairs has closed for the 2020 and 2021 annual conferences.

Conference co-chairs play a leading role in the planning and presentation of the annual Art House Convergence conference in Utah. Working closely with Convergence staff, they identify programmatic priorities and goals for the conference. They also help select keynote speakers, special guests, and develop interdisciplinary programs. Co-chairs play a year-round role in developing the conference and serve two year terms. Co-chairs are selected biannually by a changing committee of conference staff and volunteers.

Annual Conference Track Heads

The track head application window has closed for the 2019—2020 annual conference.

Conference track heads play a key role in selecting and developing panels, workshops, and sessions for the annual conference in Utah. Working in teams of two or three, track heads dedicate their attention to developing a programming stream for one of the conference’s tracks (development, education, marketing, programming, operations). Track heads play a year-round role in developing the conference and serve two year terms. Track heads are selected biannually by committees that include outgoing track heads, conference staff, and volunteers.