Board of Directors of Art House Convergence

Overview & Job Description

The Board of the Art House Convergence is an entirely new governance body. Up until recently, the Art House Convergence had been a program of the Michigan Theater Foundation; the Provisional Board that had existed previously had no Governance or Fiduciary responsibilities. Art House Convergence is currently operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the Sundance Institute, but this new board will assume Leadership, Governance, and Fiduciary responsibilities for the organization.

The democratically-elected Board would represent the whole of the Art House Convergence community, including, but not limited to, exhibitors, festivals, distributors, and vendors. The Board should seek to engage and represent all constituents of the Art House Convergence community.



Number of Board Members.

No fewer than eleven (11), no greater than fifteen (15). 

Term of office for Board Members is a minimum of one year, with rolling terms of 1-3 years to be determined by the newly established board.

Officers of the Board are elected for one (1) year terms. 

No set limit of terms. 


Items to be Included in By-Laws.

Elections shall be held annually, with the plan to have membership of the board rotate on a regular basis.

Proposed to bring on members in tranches, such that the board can evolve and bring in new members as needed.

Officers shall be elected by the Board.


Board Meetings. 
The full Board meets monthly (subject to change): Provisionally, on the first Tuesday of the month at a mutually agreed upon time via Zoom or another virtual meeting room.

Committees meet as necessary.


Major Duties of the Board of Directors:

Transitional Responsibilities

  1. Incorporate 501(c)3
  2. Effect separation from Sundance Fiscal Sponsorship
  3. Define and implement membership structure
  4. Begin building a sustainable funding base

In Brief

  1. Govern the organization by broad policies and objectives.
  2. Acquire sufficient resources for the organization’s operations.
  3. Select and appoint an Executive Director to whom responsibility for the administration of the organization is delegated.
  4. Be responsible to the public for the services of the organization, including: providing for fiscal accountability, approving the budget, and formulating policies related to contracts from public and private resources; and accepting responsibility for all conditions and policies.
  5. Provide continuity for the organization by ensuring and advocating the services of the organization, and ensuring the ongoing oversight of the organization.
  6. Commit to ensure that the Board and the Board’s priorities are a reflection of the larger Art House Convergence community.
  7. Ensure that the Art House Convergence operates in a manner that upholds values of anti-racism, and holds Board, Staff, and Members of the community accountable to standards that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion, both within the membership base of the Art House Convergence, and within Conferences, Seminars, and other public programs of the organization.

More Detailed

  1. General Responsibilities
    1. Help determine the organization’s mission and purpose.
    2. Help ensure effective organizational planning.
    3. Select, support, and review the performance of the Executive Director.
    4. Fulfill commitments within agreed upon deadlines.
    5. Participate in board orientation to ensure organizational knowledge.
    6. Provide candid, open, and honest feedback and evaluation when appropriate.
    7. Attend all board meetings possible.
    8. Participate on one or more committees or in an ad hoc manner as requested.
  2. Fiduciary Responsibilities
    1. Ensure fiscal stability including adequate financial resources and creation and adherence to annual budget.
    2. Help oversee the management of resources.
    3. Take initiative in informing the organization about opportunities for funding or program development.
    4. Identify individuals in the community for volunteer participation or funding support.
    5. Ensure proper filing of appropriate financial documentation (tax returns, charitable registrations, etc.)
  3. Outreach
    1. Enhance and maintain the organization’s public image.
    2. Serve as an informal advocate for the Art House Convergence in the community.
    3. Serve as a conduit to other constituents and members of the community.

Board members shall not be compensated for their service on the AHC board. Companies or organizations affiliated or owned by board members may contract for specific services with AHC, which shall not be construed as board compensation. Board members shall sign an annual conflict of interest statement, and may need to recuse themselves from certain matters of business that may trigger such a conflict.

The new Board of Directors is the founding Board of a new 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. As such, during the nascent stage of this new organization, the Board is a Working Board, and members may be called upon to provide volunteer services in the execution of necessary administrative tasks. Board members can expect to contribute 5-10 hrs/month during their first year as these policies, procedures, and organizational structures are put into place.

AHC shall contract for board liability insurance to assure that both the organization and board members are protected. 

Expectation of Resource Development
Each board member must be a current member of Art House Convergence and seek to provide additional resources to the organization. 
As the Art House Convergence continues to grow, all sources of earned and contributed income are reviewed for reaching budgeted goals, including membership, sponsorships, grants, and contributions. This commitment is a key to the board’s leadership of the organization and to the community that it serves.

The Mission of the Art House Convergence as currently stated is:
The Art House Convergence (AHC) is dedicated to advancing excellence and sustainability in community-based, mission-driven cinema exhibition.


Board Member Self-Nomination Form