It is important that people of all genders and abilities are able to attend movie theaters and comfortably use their restroom facilities. In order to ensure safe, harassment-free access to their restrooms many theaters and organizations are offering all gender/ gender inclusive restrooms, while others are developing gender inclusive restroom policies.

Theaters that currently have single-occupancy restrooms or have the resources to renovate their restrooms may explicitly label these restrooms as all gender, gender neutral, or gender inclusive, or might offer restroom signage that describes the facilities offered (e.g. “toilets” or “urinals”)

Theaters that have gender-segregated or multi-use restrooms may establish gender inclusive policies that remind members of the public they have safe access to the restroom where they are comfortable.

AHC Restroom Policy

Gender diversity is welcome here. Participants are supported in using the restroom that is safest and most comfortable during all Art House Convergence programs.  Staff are available to offer support or answer questions.


All Gender/ Gender Neutral/ Gender Inclusive Restroom: Frequently a single-occupancy restroom. This is a restroom that is explicitly labeled to indicate it can be used by people of all gender identities and expressions.

Gender Diversity: Policies and practices that support equitable participation for people of all genders. In the workplace, gender diverse policies ensure equal opportunities, protection, and support for employees of all genders. These policies might be articulated in employee manuals, during employee training, and on websites or other outward facing materials.

Gender Segregated Restrooms: Gender segregated restrooms are marked with signs designating intended us by people of a specific gender. However, gender segregated restrooms can be made more inclusive with signage that prioritizes comfort and expresses institutional support.

Multi-Use Restroom: A restroom with multiple stalls and/or urinals.

Single-Occupancy/ Family Restroom: A restroom with no gender designation, a single toilet, and no stalls.

Other Resources

We encourage art houses to develop policies that support safe and comfortable restroom access for all of their guests.

The National Center for Transgender Equality has dedicated staff to support the development of Trans-inclusive workplace policies. For support authoring guidelines or to participate in a workshop contact