Europa Cinemas invites the Art House Convergence community of exhibitors to apply for the Europa Cinemas (EC) Exchange Program which offers opportunities to attend EC Audience Development & Innovation Labs and Network Conferences in Europe.

Audience Development & Innovation Labs and Network Conferences

Each Lab attracts over thirty exhibitors from some twenty European countries, as well as practitioners from various areas. These labs create opportunities to network, interact, and collectively develop responsive and practical strategies for dealing with an increasingly dynamic environment. Topics are shaped with the input of the network membership based on responses to network members’ surveys, feedback from participants, input from the Europa Cinemas’ team, and industry professionals as well as more informal exchanges and proposals pitched in by member exhibitors.

Bologna Audience Development & Innovation Lab, in partnership with Il Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival: June 22 – 26, 2019

Lisbon Network Conference: November 21 – 24, 2019

Sofia Audience Development & Innovation Lab, in partnership with Sofia International Film Festival: March 2020

Europa Cinemas will provide funds for a limited number of US exhibitors to attend the labs and conferences, and can help cover costs including hotel, travel, or hotel and travel, along with event registration. Europa Cinemas can assist exhibitors that do not receive funding support with arranging to attend at their own cost.

To qualify for the Exchange Program exhibitors must screen at least one film from Tales of Europe, a line-up of twelve European films available for theatrical booking. Contact for more information.  Exhibitors who attend the lab or conference will be expected to participate and/or present on a panel.

Interested in attending?

Fill out this form. Due to the limited number of slots, Europa Cinemas will reach out to selected exhibitors via email.

About Europa Cinemas

Supported since its creation by the European Commission (Creative Europe / MEDIA Programme) and by the CNC (France), Europa Cinemas is the first network of cinemas focusing on European films. Created in 1992 at the initiative of a group of thirty cinema exhibitors, it has become in 25 years a network uniting more than 1,100 cinemas (nearly 3,000 screens) in 43 countries.

Its main objectives are to provide operational and financial support to cinemas that undertake to give a significant part of their screenings to non-national European films and to put in place activities for young audiences.

Thanks to Eurimages and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Europa Cinemas’ action extends to countries in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia, and Turkey. In addition, 42 screens (44 screens) in 42 cities in 31 countries in Europe and worldwide are also associated with the Europa Cinemas network under the partnership with the Institut Français.

Open to all types of cinemas, from the municipal ones to the multiplexes, the network has also expanded well beyond Europe according to the support programmes implemented: yesterday in Asia and Latin America through the Mundus programme, tomorrow in Canada via the Eurimages programme. Europa Cinemas thus contributes to making Europe and its cultural diversity a shared idea around the world.