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Art House Convergence Community Meeting 5.27.20

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An open meeting was held on the evening of May 27, 2020 to discuss plans for the future of Art House Convergence. The agenda for the call can be found here. A full transcript of the meeting can be found here.

Meeting Follow-up

Please find the link to submit questions to the transitional board here.

Please find the link to a form to nominate yourself or someone you think would be great to the transitional board hereThe deadline to apply is Monday, June 1.

Below is a list of proposed actions steps to be taken by the transitional board. Please use the form above to submit questions and the Provisional Board will work to get those answered and posted as quickly as possible. They ask that this be done in a 72 hour window because there is urgency to this first phase of work.

Proposed Actions to be taken by Transitional Board:
  1. That the Art House Convergence immediately re-hire Alison Kozberg in the role of Interim Managing Director. Compensation and terms of employment to be determined.
  2. That the Provisional Board hold an emergency election to add new members to help facilitate the next stage of the organization and separation from the Michigan Theater Foundation.
  3. That the Provisional Board will negotiate with a new organization to transition the fiscal and intellectual assets of the Art House Convergence from the Michigan Theater. Any arrangement with that new organization will be a limited term, allowing the AHC to continue vital operations and programs to support theaters and to provide support while the AHC incorporates as a stand-alone organization. Any agreement entered will recognize the independence of the Art House Convergence, the timing to incorporation and separation, and the autonomy of the Convergence to pursue its mission.
  4. That the Provisional Board will work with the Board of the Michigan Theater Foundation to effectuate the transition, retaining all AHC assets, emails, website and access, relevant files, and finances related to the AHC including the $200,000 organizational seed money and any proceeds from the 2020 annual conference.
  5. That the Provisional Board will work with the Board of the Michigan Theater Foundation to retain Makenzie Peecook through at least September 30th, with no changes to her compensation or benefits per written documentation, to effectuate the transition to a new organization.
  6. That the Provisional Board work with the Interim Managing Director and delegates of the Convergence to create a Governance Committee, who will be tasked with creating a membership program and organizing elections for a new board of directors.
  7. That the Provisional Board effectuate a vote for a new board – selected and elected by the delegates of the Convergence – to be in place by Monday, Sept 7th, 2020.
  8. And that upon the election of the new Board of Directors, the Provisional Board shall dissolve and cede any and all responsibility for the management, government, and fiscal oversight of the Art House Convergence to the new Board.

Thanks all — this is an incredibly challenging time for so many reasons and I am so grateful to this community for coming together in this moment to work through next steps so we can come out the other side with an evolved, stable and forward moving AHC.

Take care,

Stephanie along with Chris, Dylan and Ronnie