January 20-23, 2020 | Midway, UT

As the largest annual gathering of art house cinema and festival professionals, community leaders, service providers and suppliers, the Annual Conference attracts participants from across the world. By defining our field, creating a shared vision and vocabulary, and identifying best practices, the Art House Convergence Annual Conference strengthens efforts to sustain art houses cinemas and film festivals of various sizes, operating structures, and programming philosophies. The goal of the Annual Conference is to engage Art House theaters, film festivals, film societies, museums, and other exhibition-oriented organizations through a variety of topics.

2019 Conference Goals

Equity and Inclusivity.
We commit to pursuing structural, economic, and conceptual equity, accessibility, and inclusivity. We recognize that the voices and experiences of people of color, people who are disabled, and people who are female-identifying and gender nonconforming, have often been unheard in conversations about our industry. This must change. We want all aspects of the conference to include many, and particularly historically suppressed, perspectives. We want to host conversations  with organizations of different regions, sizes, and non-profit/for-profit status and commit to hearing our community share ideas and experiences about how to foster equity and inclusion in programming, hiring, human resources, marketing, operations, outreach, and education.

Community Building.
We commit to addressing pressing challenges in our industry and developing better structures to support open discussion, collaboration, and participation. We are guided by the following following questions: “What are the most challenging topics facing our industry?” and “How can we take risks, collaborate, and support each other in addressing these topics?” We commit to hosting more workshops, small group sessions, and speakers, and to devoting more time for unstructured networking. We will also continue to invite participants from related industries to share their perspectives.

Elevate the Conversation.
We commit to ensuring the conference remains relevant. We want to challenge ourselves and push conversations in new and sometimes difficult directions. We embrace new ways of thinking and strongly encourage radical and innovative conversation topics. We welcome participation from people of all levels of expertise and will offer introductory and advanced educational experiences.

Action Beyond the Conference.
We commit to offering tools to facilitate action throughout the year. We believe that takeaways from panels should be as clear and tangible as possible. We encourage panelists to think about different learning styles and to engage attendees using visuals, sound, and handouts.

Conference Agenda


Hear from dozens of speakers over the four days of the conference. With over 40 sessions, each of the panels and workshops represent one of our Conference Tracks, including Programming, Development, Film Education, Marketing, and Operations. We also partner with the Film Festival Alliance to bring you workshops and panels tailored to those in the Festival Industry and the Alliance for Action for panels specifically addressing issues of equity and inclusion.


With your day filled with how-tos and advice, sit back in the evenings (and brunch) for inspiring, challenging, and passionate speakers from several leaders and champions in the Art House community.


Looking to meet a film distributor? Or a new ticketing vendor? Or maybe you are looking for a glass of wine after that hard day’s work of back-to-back panels and workshops… Our parties and networking events have you covered.


It wouldn’t be an Art House gathering without film screenings. We host several screenings, including a classic film, an upcoming release, and a Sundance Film Festival title.