Art House Convergence Membership 2022

We welcome you to opt-in as a member of AHC by filling out this New Member form, which includes a pledge to abide by AHC’s Code of Conduct. Membership will be free for 2022, with decisions about a future dues structure to be determined by AHC’s inaugural board. This call for membership will remain open, and we invite you to share with your networks so that it reaches new individuals and organizations. 

How do I join or renew my membership?

Join or renew here.

Previous attendees to the annual conference may have an existing account in our database assigned to their email address. If you receive a message indicating an existing account, please use the “reset password” link to establish new login credentials. If you require additional assistance, please email the admin here.

Who can join?

We encourage any individual interested to join the membership. While Art House Convergence is exhibitor focused, we acknowledge that the health and success of the Art House Community is tied to a confluence of individuals. Executive Directors, Theater Owners, Box Office Staff, Projectionists, Artists, Community Organizers, Distributors, Vendors, the list goes on….anyone interested in sharing in the Art House community and furthering the mission of AHC can be a member for 2022. Please encourage your Art House friends and co-workers to consider joining.

What are the benefits?

Current benefits include access to the Google Group/discussion forum and voting eligibility for the upcoming board election. Further benefits will be determined by the inaugural board.

What are the fees?

Member dues are waived for 2022. Future membership due structure and fees to be determined by the AHC Board.

TLDR: FREE. For now.

Can I get a membership for my organization?

Membership is for individuals (instead of organizations) in 2022!
We encourage you and any interested persons from your staff/board/community to also join. Members will be eligible to vote in the board election.
We acknowledge that there are many critical components to a healthy and equitable Art House Community and are seeking to expand membership to individuals who are passionate about moving the community forward and helping Art Houses thrive.

I already get AHC emails and am part of the Google Group, why do I need a membership?

Starting July 6, 2022- you must be a registered member of AHC to access the Google Group.

(and you get put on the list for “top secret” emails)