The Art House Convergence (AHC) is an association dedicated to advancing excellence and sustainability in community-based, mission-driven media exhibition. Each year our annual conference, regional seminars, and programs provide networking opportunities, educational resources, and define best practices for hundreds of theaters and festivals located throughout North America. Collectively, our constituents host over 30 million audience members annually.

Art House Cinemas

Art house cinemas are united by a commitment to fostering appreciation for cinema’s cultural heritage, producing exemplary theatrical experiences, and serving their communities. These exceptional exhibitors bring international, independent, and critically-acclaimed films to communities around the world.  

Community-Based, Mission-Driven

Our international network of theaters, museums, film societies, universities, film festivals, and micro-cinemas are guided by the principles of being community-based and mission-driven.

Community Based
We value collaboration and shared experiences. By prioritizing open communication and public engagement, we encourage programming that responds to the needs, creativity, and experiences of audiences.

Mission Driven
Cinemas thrive when they operate with ethical and creative purpose. We encourage art houses to commit to pursuing integrity, enrichment, diversity, and artistic vitality.


Initially, Art House Convergence began as a small convening of exhibitors participating in Sundance Institute’s Art House Project. For two years, these exhibitors met at Sundance Film Festival to discuss independent film and independent film exhibition.  In 2008, the group expanded and hosted the first Art House Convergence conference in Salt Lake City, UT, with 25 attendees. Over the next several years, the conference attendance grew dramatically and it moved to the Zermatt & Homestead Resorts in Midway, UT. By 2013, the conference attendance reached 350, including several international art houses. The first regional seminar was hosted by Cinema Arts Centre in August, 2013. The regional seminars continue to grow in attendance, moving around the country each year, hosted by one or several art houses. In 2019, over 700 exhibitors, film festivals, and allied organizations joined for the annual conference in Midway, UT.