A Message from the AHC Board

By December 9, 2022Future Planning

Dear Art House Convergence members,

On behalf of the inaugural Board of Directors, we’re energized to collaborate with you – our first official membership –  on the next iteration of this organization.

Since our election in October, we’ve been working on several projects, including:

  • organizing internally as a board
  • determining the most sustainable organizational infrastructure for AHC
  • developing a mission and vision for the new organization
  • setting membership communication channels and calendars

All of this work is geared toward once again convening our community on a regular basis, as well as establishing new support structures and resources for the art house industry as a whole. While there will not be an official in-person convergence in 2023, keep an eye on your email for information about an informal Sundance gathering as well as additional regional meet-ups.

In the new year, there will be ample virtual and in-person opportunities for feedback sessions, and you can definitely expect to hear from us more regularly. In the meantime, if there is anything you’d like the Board to know, think about, consider, etc. please feel free to share using this Google form – we are here and we are listening!

We appreciate the trust you’ve put in us, and we are ready to work to bring the next iteration of this organization to life. As we do, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the form above or here. Our best wishes for bountiful year-end fundraising and ticket sales!

As we reflect on the year behind, and the year ahead, the AHC Board invites you to join us for a casual zoom get-together, to say hello to old friends and meet new ones. To help facilitate conversation, we will separate into breakout rooms by focus/expertise for some peer to peer networking.  We look forward to one of what will surely be many touchpoints with the wonderful art house community.

Your AHC Board (and Admin),

Matt Bolish, Film at Lincoln Center
Javier Chavez, AFI Silver Theatre
Carolyn Chen, Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival & Symposium
Yasmin Chin Eisenhauer, Amherst Cinema
Ben Delgado, FilmScene
Ben Godar, Des Moines Film
Deirdre Haj, Film Streams
Alicia Kozma, Indiana University Cinema
Arin Liberman, Ragtag Film Society
Lela Meadow-Conner, mamafilm
Garineh Nazarian, FilmRise
Asha Phelps, IFC Center
tt stern-enzi, Over-the-Rhine Film Festival
Emelyn Stuart, Stuart Cinema
Stephanye Watts, Be Reel Black Cinema Club
Kate Markham, AHC Administrative Coordinator