2019 Annual Conference Sponsorship

Connect with leaders and innovators from the speciality cinema exhibition market at our 2019 Annual Conference!


The Art House Convergence gives you the opportunity to promote your brand in front of an influential audience of exhibitors:

  • Reaches over 70% of the specialty exhibition market through our e-mails, website, and online forum.
  • Over 200 theaters and 50+ film festivals will attend Art House Convergence’s 2019 Conference.
  • These specialty exhibitors collectively serve an audience of approximately 30 million on an annual basis
  • Provides you with the unique opportunity to meet representatives from hundreds of theaters and film festivals in person to promote your products and services. + Our exhibitors do not regularly attend Cinemacon, ShowEast, or other trade shows.


The Art House Convergence (AHC) hosts an annual gathering of independent, community-based, mission-driven film exhibitors from around the world, focused on the North American market. Collectively, we welcome 30 million customers through our doors on an annual basis. Over 650 delegates will attend the 2019 Art House Convergence, which takes place January 21 – 24 at the Zermatt & Homestead Resorts in Midway, Utah.


We exhibit film for the cultural enrichment of our communities and expand the audiences for specialty cinema in North America. We count art house cinemas, independent theaters, museums, educational institutions, film societies, micro cinemas, and film festivals as our key constituents.


The purpose of the Art House Convergence is to bring together a national network of like-minded exhibitors to share best practices, celebrate our successes, and advocate for our sector of the cinema marketplace. Past conference sessions have included topics such as new technology, programming trends, and strategies for marketing, fundraising, and audience development. Panelists have included film exhibitors, industry leaders from producers to distributors, service providers for film exhibition, and arts data analysts.


The Art House patron is a dedicated cinema-goer, seeing an average of 34 films annually (2016 AHC National Audience Survey), compared to the national average of 3.8 films annually (2016 MPAA Audience Report). They are active on social media, using Facebook the most, followed by LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. The average Art House patron income is approximately 20% higher than the US average, and they are much more likely to be highly educated. Art House patrons value program diversity, high quality customer service, concessions variety, picture and audio quality, and accessibility.


Conference sponsors are encouraged to enhance their sponsorship by donating an additional $500+ to support Conference Scholarships.

By providing financial support for independent cinema professionals to attend the Art House Convergence Annual Conference, scholarships improve access to the Conference’s educational, networking, and professionalization opportunities. The scholarship program is intended to cultivate diverse leadership, support first-time attendees, encourage Conference participation by underrepresented members of our field, and strengthen the Conference and the organizations it serves by making them more inclusive. 


To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 Annual Conference contact Art House Convergence Managing Director Alison Kozberg at alison@arthouseconvergence.org.

January 21-24, 2019 | Midway, UT