Art House Theater Day celebrates the art house theater and the cultural role it plays in a community. It is a day to recognize the year-round contributions of film and filmmakers, patrons, projectionists, and staff, and the brick and mortar theaters that are passionately dedicated to providing access to the best cinematic experience.

Register for Art House Theater Day 2018

All art house theaters that meet the criteria* are invited to participate in the Art House Theater Day celebration. This is a chance for you and your patrons to celebrate all the things that make your theater unique, including special programs, filmmaker visits, and other festivities. Theaters are able to participate at any level they choose.

Once you enter your information below, Art House Theater Day organizers will review it to determine that all criteria for participation are met, and may contact you for more information. Please make sure the email address you use to register is one that you check frequently as this will be the address Art House Theater Day uses to contact you and to send you important updates.

*An Art House Theater Day participating theater is defined as an independent art house cinema who at its core is community-based and mission-driven, whose primary focus is bringing patrons into a full-time physical theater space, whose film programming is curated, and whose company is not publicly traded and whose ownership is at least 70% located in the state of operation.

Art House Theater Day organizers review each theater application individually. Qualifying applicants will be emailed further instructions on how to fully participate in Art House Theater Day events on September 23, 2018. Please read the information below carefully. If your submission does not include all requested information, it will not be reviewed.

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Please understand that each application is looked at individually, and we are a very small, volunteer staff so it may take some time for us to respond. If we have questions about your theater we will be in touch with you, otherwise please expect a welcome email if we find that you meet the criteria and your theater has been added to the website.

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